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Brandy Rifles Co. E Camp #1918 SCV, Culpeper Co., VA

Our Rich Culpeper History

As a historical preservation and heritage organization, we exist as a celebration of our rich history. We have the unique opportunity to live in an area so pivotal during the War Between the States. The Battles of Cedar Mountain and Brandy Station were fought in Culpeper County as well as other significant skirmishes at Kelly's Ford, Waterloo Bridge and the outskirts of the town. The battles of the Wilderness, Chancellorsville, Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg also took place not far away. Confederate soldiers arrived here on their way to Manassas Junction in the summer of 1861 and the town was held by both armies during the war. The streets of Culpeper have been walked by some of the most famous names of history. From a young A.P Hill whose boyhood home site is on Davis Street, to President Theodore Roosevelt who visited to tour the Cedar Mountain battlefield at the 40th anniversary of the battle in 1902. Our cause is honorable and we perform our duties as Sons of Confederate Veterans with reverance and humility.

Culpeper Court House, August 1862

What is now Davis Street in Culpeper. This picture was taken in 1862 just after the battle of Cedar Mountain. Three Confederate prisoners can be seen on the balcony of the courthouse. This picture courtesy of the Library of Congress photo collection.

General Ambrose Powell Hill, CSA

General Ambrose Powell (A.P.) Hill, Born in Reva in Southwestern Culpeper County. His boyhood home was in the area of present day Main and Davis Streets. General Lee considered General Hill his most capable lieutenant. He was murdered in Dinwiddie county, VA April 1, 1865 during the fall of Petersburg.

General Jubal A. Early, CSA

Brandy Rifles Co. E was named for the group of men from the Eastern part of Culpeper County who formed the Brandy Rifles militia. This later became company "E" of the 13th Virginia Infantry. At the Battle of Cedar Mountain, General Jubal A. Early was in command of the 13th Virginia and said this about the regiment of men who were literally defending their homes and farms. Whenever the 13th went on skirmish duty "I Feel Secure"