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April is Confederate Heritage and History Month
Brandy Rifles Co. E Camp #1918 SCV, Culpeper Co., VA

Proclamation of April as Confederate Heritage and History Month rejected by the County Attorney and never put on the Board's agenda to be considered.

The members and associate members of the Brandy Rifles Co. E Camp #1918, Sons of Confederate Veterans chartered in the County of Culpeper, Virginia humbly submit this proclamation for consideration by the duly elected Board of Supervisors of Culpeper County.

Whereas, in April 1861, the Commonwealth of Virginia, in order to retain her honor, exercised her Constitutional Right to secede from the Union

Whereas, Virginia, where American independence was born, did not make this decision lightly.  Only after exhaustive efforts to bring about a peaceful resolution, to the issues that divided Southern and Northern States failed did the Mother of States and Statesmen cast her fortunes with her southern sisters.

Whereas, when Abraham Lincoln called for 75,000 troops to put down what described as the rebellion in the South, the Old Dominion, in good consciousness, refused to send her sons against other Southern States and voted then and only then to defend herself if attacked.

Whereas, the sons of Virginia heeded the call of their Mother state by the tens of thousands to defend their families, their homes, their communities, their Commonwealth and their country from an invading army.

Whereas, brave Virginians of all races and religions fought in the armed forces of the Confederate States alongside other men from across the South.

Whereas, their memories and blood hallowed the ground of Cedar Mountain, Brandy Station, Kellys Ford, Fleetwood Heights, Waterloo Bridge, Beverly Ford, Culpeper Courthouse, Mortons Ford and many other sights in our county.  And the ground of places such as Fredericksburg, Manassas, the Wilderness, Chancellorsville, Spotysylvania, James City, Rappahannock Station and Fauquier White Sulphur Springs in the counties that neighbor ours.

Whereas, hundreds of men from every end of the Southern states entered into eternal rest while in service in Culpeper County, nearly 500 of which lie beneath the monument to their memory in Fairview cemetery.

Whereas, thousands of Virginians also gave their lives in far off places like Sharpsburg, Gettysburg, and Chickamauga, as well as Elmyra, Point Lookout, Fort Delaware, Johnsons Island, Charleston Harbor and on the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  Never again would they gaze upon the Blue Ridge Mountains, nor the rivers Rapidan, Hazel and Rappahannock, all treasures of the county and state they were so bravely defending.

Whereas, the capitol of our Commonwealth, Richmond, was the Capitol of the Confederate States of America and the wartime home of our beloved president Jefferson Davis.

 Whereas, we must never forget the sacrifices made by the mothers, daughters and wives of this county and all over the South, who, with ever ounce of their being, supported their men in uniform, undertook the duties normally performed by men, and suffered grievously along with their children, and neighbors the untold horrors in a war-torn land.

Whereas, in the words of General Robert E. Lee, After four years or arduous service marked by unsurpassed courage and fortitude, the war for Southern Independence ended for the fabled Army of Northern Virginia on April 9,1865.

Whereas, the honorable blood of such brave Virginians as our own Culpeper son Gen. Ambrose Powell Hill, Gen. Thomas Stonewall Jackson, Gen. J.E.B. Stuart and the thousands of lesser known and unknown Heroes of Dixie flows through the veins of thousands of Culpepers citizens.

Whereas, citizens of Culpeper County and Town gave their lives fighting in that terrible war.

Whereas, the descendants of those brave men and women still live in this community, Commonwealth and nation today, it is only proper and fitting that we remember the commitment, courage and sacrifice of those who came before us.

Therefore, the Board of Supervisors of Culpeper County does hereby proclaim the month of April to be celebrated as Confederate Heritage and History month.


S. Dwight Parker, Jr.


Brandy Rifles Co. E Camp #1918

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Adapted from the Virginia Division proclamation written by Past Division Commander Henry Kidd